01 September 2016

It has been over a month now that a little girl named Valentina has been separated from her loving daddy for his human rights work in getting cameras into refugee camps as the only method of recording the human rights abuses and tragic journeys brave refugees have been facing walking from a never ending war zone for the chance to stay alive for their children.  As a jewish man, he feels it his responsibility to document this ongoing genocide and the plight of the brave stead fast survivors.  This political activity is life affirming. To separate him from his child is a cruelty and must be immediately remedied. I have been calling law offices to remedy situation to no answers so far- we will never give up on human rights or the rights of a family to live together in peace.

24 August 2016

Media tech torn from family in airport due to political journalism

As I put my youngest son to sleep tonight, cherishing rare opportunity to see both my college kid and little kid with Grandma and time with our favorite cousins, I can not stop thinking of our friend Vlad separated by government beauracracy and harassment from his wife and baby girl at the airport on his way to care for his aging parents here in America.  His wife was held behind with their small daughter in Spain for their political advocacy for refugees in camps.  As good jewish people should- they are doing everything in their power to record refugee testimony in the camps as current genocide is again being waged against humanity.
Stay tuned as this story unfolds as we will be posting numbers and emails to call and write to pressure for the family reunification of our favorite media tech Vlad Teichberg with his wife and his little girl.

19 August 2016

Lawsuit: NYC Sludge sent to Decatur Alabama resulting in carcinogens in drinking water and Tennessee River

This story is under development, please stay tuned for updates.

A civil action was filed on the 17th August in Lawrence County, Alabama regarding carcinogens in Decatur, Alabama drinking water after NYS wastewater Sludge of human biosolids from sewer treatment had been spread by contractor Synagro in Mount Hope.








The data for the Alabama counties reflect only elevated lead levels among children reported tested. For instance, CDC’s numbers for Houston County show that 12 kids were tested in 2014 and seven cases were confirmed. That means 58 percent of kids tested have elevated levels, but it would be a tiny percentage of all kids in the community.  quote Mary Sell Decatur Daily

It is time to deploy to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the flooding victims, Team Rubicon deploys tomorrow, stay tuned.

25 February 2016

Team Rubicon Team 4 heading to Pensacola Florida after Tornadoes flattened dwellings.

As the Gulf Coast was pummeled by a tornado flattening dwelling places, it is time to commend Team Rubicon a dedicated group of Veterans volunteering time and effort to protect us, through Recon, relief efforts and debris clearing Rescue and rebuilding efforts.  Team Rubicon does accept skilled volunteers, Veterans, EMT's, civilians with skills, below is a link to get started for the good here at home. When FEMA workers were standing around downtown Brooklyn trying to figure out wtf, Team Rubicon was out in the sand and wreckage of Far Rockaways, pulling serious recon, providing logistical help and putting rescue boots on the ground where it was needed.  If you have extra time, this a great group doing the real work.  If you have a few dollars to spare, they happily accept donations and put it directly to use mobilizing relief efforts.


11 November 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, This writer has returned to school to become a counselor. youcaring.com/bursar-s-office-for-tuition-and-education-of-tahira-alford-466868

 I had stated my reason for returning to school is to help survivors of trauma through the wounds that do not show. Soldiers and military families are left picking up the pieces of human tragedy long after the fanfare dies down and the media has again turned away. I worked as a UN journalist and in UN Television; many people asked me how I could leave a workplace dedicated to building peace to work with soldiers. I try to explain simply that a soldier knows better than most the true price of war. Native soldiers are disproportionately recruited to fight for protecting our country. The first to give.

Our country does not then stand for our veterans beyond lip service and sales on Veterans day and Memorial day.  Armistace Day began as the first World war to end all wars came to a close- only that war did not end all wars, and we have been creating new Veterans constantly.   Some come home without injury, thank goodness. Some do not come home, some bear scars which do not show. We must give more support than lip service. 

29 October 2015

Our dear friend Haider Rizvi survived torture and beating in his country during a regime change at age 14, soon after the death of his own father. He had hand written leaflets asking people to come to a meeting, and got a police beating. His response was to grow, and become a UN journalist, and stand for the rights of Indigenous People every where in the developing world and within Indian Country in the US. He was a radio broadcaster and a fine journalist. And he is always Jiggar. Good Journalists are a dying breed, and he was one of my last standing.
The last I spoke to Haider, I was trying to get money together to fly us to Mayo in the West of Ireland to cover the pipeline atrocities and the harm to the farmers and young coastal families. He was all in, I could not find the money to cover truth. Haider is truth. He had the Best intentions.   I went back to school to help survivors of torture. This is not a popular goal in the USA. If appropriate support for survivors of torture were as easy to find as say- alcohol- we might have a few more friends standing and laughing.