25 October 2018

As I went out to knock every door to get out the vote this week, I also mentioned that our democracy is broken and election rigging is real.  In 2003, Diebold owner Wallie committed “to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President.”   Black Box Voting, Greg Palast and INN World Report covered it. Now we see at least 3 states have massive voter purging. Cheating is not the same as winning.  
In 2000, Kavanaugh joined Bush legal team to stop the Florida recount.  
Gerrymandering is a tricky way to make it harder for People of Color to organize to vote.  Sending bombs to CNN, Soros, and former Presidents is not a healthy Democracy.  Stealing the vote from Standing Rock Lakota shows dirty scoundrels are still afraid of playing fair.

13,000 kids are still interned. The whole world fought Nazis in the 1940's and here we have actual Nationalists writing dehumanizing policies.  Dehumanizing policies desensitize the apathetic to extermination policies.  Demonizing journalists and covering up the killing of journalists makes way for the cloak of silence.  Who will tell your story when the journalists are gone.

15 October 2018

Tone Deaf Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test today, proving one can be completely out of touch and still claim Native Ancestry while rocking the unearned white privilege.

07 January 2018

Stable Geniuses

I remember snowy mornings walking out to the stables and seeing my Auntie DJ's old mare Arrow. Those two were a couple of Stable Geniuses, and I can name so many more horse people and horses with so much more natural sense than I see in the current administration.

Here is to all the runners, horses, groomers, muckers who made the run for the Dakota 38 +2. 

06 January 2018

It seems that this morning one squatting Resident of the Whitehouse tweeted that he is a stable Genius.

18 December 2017

Mueller has extended his job security by asking for incriminating emails when he already had them all.