07 January 2018

Stable Geniuses

I remember snowy mornings walking out to the stables and seeing my Auntie DJ's old mare Arrow. Those two were a couple of Stable Geniuses, and I can name so many more horse people and horses with so much more natural sense than I see in the current administration.

Here is to all the runners, horses, groomers, muckers who made the run for the Dakota 38 +2. 

06 January 2018

It seems that this morning one squatting Resident of the Whitehouse tweeted that he is a stable Genius.

18 December 2017

Mueller has extended his job security by asking for incriminating emails when he already had them all.

21 September 2017

Remembering Bob Gough, knowing that he was on the job leading environmental cases was more than a comfort. So many strong youths are stepping up to raise voices and for a moment it looked as if Indigenous rights would be honoured as the whole world looked on to the events at Standing Rock.  The media has gone, and the People remain.  Other Pipelines threaten water throughout Indian Country.  Enbridge Line 3 threatens to cut through White Earth Reservation.  Bob Gough was a friend and attorney to Honour the Earth, and there are younger attorneys keeping strong and vigilant for water quality.
This life story is not over, there is a scholarship fund being set up in his name. Updates will be posted.

26 June 2017

Happy Victory day!!!!
For Lakota and Allies, the 25th June is a wonderful day to celebrate being alive.
Stay strong friends, you are the ones your ancestors prayed for- and we are so far from being done.

22 February 2017

Chase Iron Eyes and Tupac video, on ancestral treaty land, they are original inhabitants of the western hemisphere, and did not come to be arrested, they came to make an arrest on colonization.