25 February 2016

Team Rubicon Team 4 heading to Pensacola Florida after Tornadoes flattened dwellings.

As the Gulf Coast was pummeled by a tornado flattening dwelling places, it is time to commend Team Rubicon a dedicated group of Veterans volunteering time and effort to protect us, through Recon, relief efforts and debris clearing Rescue and rebuilding efforts.  Team Rubicon does accept skilled volunteers, Veterans, EMT's, civilians with skills, below is a link to get started for the good here at home. When FEMA workers were standing around downtown Brooklyn trying to figure out wtf, Team Rubicon was out in the sand and wreckage of Far Rockaways, pulling serious recon, providing logistical help and putting rescue boots on the ground where it was needed.  If you have extra time, this a great group doing the real work.  If you have a few dollars to spare, they happily accept donations and put it directly to use mobilizing relief efforts.