22 February 2007

Operation Storyteller

For Iraq Vets against the War members...

Operation Storyteller
Sunday dinner, story and song...
@ the hot jazzy 5C Cultural Center on Loisaida.
68 Ave C Loisaida, cross street 5th Ave

The warm cinnamon scent will greet you as you walk through the door, mixed with sounds of the carribbean to soothe your soul. Come, relax, recharge, and release the stories inside you, as Peace starts from within.
There is a baby grande piano on hand... bring your favorite instrument if you like.

You've been places that may haunt you in the night, making your days restless... we can help you to put those stories down on paper. You needn't ever share them with another soul. You can revisit those stories, if ever you wish, or just feel the weight off your shoulders, lay some history to rest.

Let's make this a weekly event. You deserve to be supported in your efforts to stop the war, and to feel some peace yourself, and in your community. Enjoy the feeling of being free--- you fought for it.

contact info : tahira 347 762-1743, tfaune at
sponsored by Laughing Deer Productions