03 November 2016

Danielle Schenandoah nailed home the points in her article below on current events in Standing Rock.

President Obama said they are monitoring this situation with Trans Pacific Partners Dakota Access Pipeline "going to let it play out several more weeks" , "both sides should show restraint so nobody gets hurt". Many Native American women, men and their friends have already been hurt on 10/27/16 by the brutal police raid with the Army National guards and several other police from surrounding states. This action by order of ND Governor who has financial stake in TPP has allowed Dakota Access Pipeline to expedite near to completion of the pipeline while Morton County has raked in $1,500.00 bail per arrest, of the 400 arrested most facing felony charges for non-violent civil disobedience. The state of ND now obtain more loans to continue the mass police state and there is no acknowledgement of the serious constitutional, civil, human and religious rights violations taking place. Where is the Reverend Jessie Jackson now since his one day stop at the Standing Rock Sioux day before the beatings, pepper spray, taser, sound canon used upon the peaceful water protectors.The mainstream media has not shown much coverage of this situation but journalist like Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and other independent media arrested for trying to let the public know. Its been reported Donald Trump has financial ties to TPP and lame response from Hillary Clinton on Dakota Access Pipeline is now transparent as on the fence Obama pushes for Hillary presidential campaign. Realist like Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders support the Standing Rock Sioux to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and the current pipeline explosion in Alabama should be a piercing awakening for America as they head to vote. Corporate puppet money mongers like Clinton & Trump continuance of pipeline's destroying America's soil and water or is America ready to play catch up switching to renewable energy creating tons of long term employment here in America? The Dakota Access Pipeline will be pumping oil under the Missouri River also the largest water aquifer in North America. When this pipeline leaks within minutes it will poison millions of Americans so this Dakota Access Pipeline will effect more than just Native American Indians standing up in North Dakota. The dependency on water outweighs the need for the fossil fuel repetitive poisoning industry or use for corporate whores. Bringing democracy to other countries when we don't have democracy here in America. I am Indigenous to North America, this is my home if race is ever an issue. I used to have sympathy because the United States education system to this day refers to North American Indians in the past tense but we are not a conquered people, we are very much still alive and living within our homelands. From the beginning the natives educated our European visitors how to plant corn and survive upon our homelands. The fairytale thanksgiving is coming up soon for those who need reminders that there are indigenous people of this land. With all the laws against discrimination here in America I think it's wrong for the American people to sit idle and allow more inhumane treatment of its indigenous people. Ensuring private corporations and its investors to make money to poison your water and soil too! I come from a long bloodline of spiritually awake people who have survived and always been proud of our cultural identity. It's sickening asking the United States to be honorable since they continue to violate most if not all treaties made to ensure we all can live in peace. But is disgusting to see the US Government allow the "rest in peace" death sentence by selling off what little land the indigenous people have left to private corporations for minerals & natural resources extractions. Total disregard to native people as the veteran navajo code talkers and other native military who helped fight for this country. What is taught today in society, turn a blind eye if someone is being hurt or witness a crime such as rape you should not engage even though you know it's wrong. If it were your daughter, mother, wife or sister being raped you would want someone to help stop it. What legacy are you leaving for your children and grandchildren? Desmond TuTu ; 'Silence is acceptance "!
Sincerely, Danielle Schenandoah
Haudenosaunee Oneida wolf clan upstate NY
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