11 November 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, This writer has returned to school to become a counselor.

 I had stated my reason for returning to school is to help survivors of trauma through the wounds that do not show. Soldiers and military families are left picking up the pieces of human tragedy long after the fanfare dies down and the media has again turned away. I worked as a UN journalist and in UN Television; many people asked me how I could leave a workplace dedicated to building peace to work with soldiers. I try to explain simply that a soldier knows better than most the true price of war. Native soldiers are disproportionately recruited to fight for protecting our country. The first to give.

Our country does not then stand for our veterans beyond lip service and sales on Veterans day and Memorial day.  Armistace Day began as the first World war to end all wars came to a close- only that war did not end all wars, and we have been creating new Veterans constantly.   Some come home without injury, thank goodness. Some do not come home, some bear scars which do not show. We must give more support than lip service.