29 October 2015

Our dear friend Haider Rizvi survived torture and beating in his country during a regime change at age 14, soon after the death of his own father. He had hand written leaflets asking people to come to a meeting, and got a police beating. His response was to grow, and become a UN journalist, and stand for the rights of Indigenous People every where in the developing world and within Indian Country in the US. He was a radio broadcaster and a fine journalist. And he is always Jiggar. Good Journalists are a dying breed, and he was one of my last standing.
The last I spoke to Haider, I was trying to get money together to fly us to Mayo in the West of Ireland to cover the pipeline atrocities and the harm to the farmers and young coastal families. He was all in, I could not find the money to cover truth. Haider is truth. He had the Best intentions.   I went back to school to help survivors of torture. This is not a popular goal in the USA. If appropriate support for survivors of torture were as easy to find as say- alcohol- we might have a few more friends standing and laughing.