22 February 2017

Chase Iron Eyes and Tupac video, on ancestral treaty land, they are original inhabitants of the western hemisphere, and did not come to be arrested, they came to make an arrest on colonization.

These below livestreams from Standing Rock 1851 unceded Treaty Land today show prayerful unarmed Lakota on ancestral homelands, and arrests by militarized police. 

03 February 2017

This morning updates from those standing in Prayer at Standing Rock, Dr. Sarah Juanita Jumping Bull, Pediatrician, head of Ft. Yates medical clinic and the first arrestees were found guilty and charged $1,500.  Her husband Chase Iron Eyes and 74 arrested yesterday and Last Child camp were not allowed to be seen today for bail hearing in Morton county, and might be seen in the morning.  Vanessa Castle filmed updates from court, and was then entrapped and arrested on no grounds taken into custody. It was said that she had a warrant, and reportedly there is no outstanding warrant.
In other news in dc, there is a new supreme court justice selected, Rex Tillerson appointment was rammed through in a less than legal manner as Orrin Hatch suspended the rules and voted without Democrats present, as they boycott the vote for.

02 February 2017

The Nation released a leaked draft of a sweeping religious freedom order revealing sweeping plans to legalize discrimination.  There are so many current goose steps to a resurgent Nazi state and it is only day 12 of the 32% low approval rating of our new administration. Pray for us.
74 Lakota, Indigenous People and other allies were arrested today on their own land, charged with criminal trespass, rammed into barbed wire, and their live stream news cut.  One of those arrested was Chase Iron Eyes, a lawyer and former congressional candidate.  Also arrested is Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn.

This happened in North Dakota on 1851 treaty land while a similar warplay over the highly contested appointment of Rex Tillerson the very recently Exxon CEO was illegally rammed down America's throat by Orrin Hatch the career obstructionist. While the Democrats boycotted the vote due to reported lies on submitted paperwork, Orrin Hatch temporarily suspended the rules to hold vote without democrats present.  
How is any of this legal.  We Americans are being mass assaulted for oil, and our media is being shut down.  The daily human rights abuses are astounding.
This is a coup.
It is for water. Ta uisce beatha. MniWiconi.