22 March 2015

Danny Schechter the Media Dissector

A quick note to honor a friend Danny Schechter the media Dissector.  We must all meet our end someday,  it is best if we can we all keep living to the fullest until the day we die.  My favorite thing about him is that he kept recognizing Priya Reddy for her relentless work as a real journalist with heart. Real journalists are blacklisted, while talking heads are paid to read lines. Real journalists are targeted and shot dead in the street filming a People's Uprising, and Danny wasn't the type to embellish a personal story to boost personal fame.  He did not have to, as he was armed with truth.  He went into media to help solve the problems of the world, only to discover  that main stream media and propaganda is one of our biggest problems.
Rest in Power Danny Schechter. Presente. Jaysus, would you find my old film partner Mike Pahios and tell him there is not another in the world like him. Will keep living fully down here until the last breath, may that be so many years until I join ya up beyond the stars. There is loads of work left to be done yet. Presente, Lads. I miss ye.  Cancer takes another great one from us, although you left a good legacy. On point film and ya never wasted a moment to mince words.