22 February 2015

Writing it down.

Writing helps to let loose memories like floes of ice overflowing river banks in the spring.  Ruminating on past experiences can keep us stuck in a place of hurt, while writing it out can help us to move forward and to help others as well.  I like to think of the beginning of a story as a thought seed, and a little time and thought helps grow that seed into a deeper story.  Research shows that daily journaling and a gratitude journal can help to make one happier.  There are often serious issues in life that can weigh on one’s shoulders.   Writing one’s troubles down can be a release.   Like the ice floes bursting free to flood down river, once we start writing, it is such a freeing release.  Once the pen is to paper and the fingers to keyboard, one can go anywhere.  Make it a good day, it is yours.