15 August 2012

New Blossoms on a strong long vine

Each day is a new mystery, full of wonder and surprise. I walk this city, always surprised at how tough Mother nature refuses to die under concrete. Jewish law is upheld in our lovely little borough, and Irish, south american, Hindu and south east asian, caribbean and african neighbors- we all live here together in what will always be Indigenous territory. My child planted tomatoes from the seeds on his dinner plate. He watered them every day at the kitchen window, saying: "I love you tomatoes! grow! grow!!" Now the yellow blossoms are bearing gorgeous red fruit for our dinner plate again. Each fruit having new seeds for new vines. They are continuing like we do, on and on into the mysterious new evening and our seed dreams of tomorrow. I have been blessed to know brilliant scientists, and brilliant farmers both, singing brilliant songs as we continue into all the good that is to be.

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