27 October 2016

Today, I watch live news of Praying Grandmothers in tears surrounded by the National Guard, after the President Himself said no to this Pipeline. On Saturday, October 22nd, Elders and children were chased across the plains like in Genocidal onslaughts of just last generation. A crying child feared for his life as he was separated from his Grandparents and crying for his life, Lauren Howland, a young International Youth Council member stood near to protect him and took a beating from police batons that broke her arm before she was abole to get the 9 year old child safely to his nearby Grandparents. If the National Guard were to corral and chase Grandparents tearfully praying over holy water in our church, to separate the crying children from their loving Grandparents and beat and break our youth group leaders, International outcry would be instantaneous. 
There is an active Genocidal onslaught happening right now at Standing Rock Reservation on 1851 Treaty Land.  The UN has been notified. The DOJ has been involved. The President himself ordered this pipeline to stop, and yet the Governor has called in the National Guard against the Chain of Command. 

Across the Americas today Indigenous People are under attack for Oil Extraction, without being consulted. And Standing Rock runs on Solar power which harms no one. They are peaceful water protectors standing in prayer to prevent 18 million people from having the dirtiest form of tar sands oil leaked into the water source that provides life to 18 million settlers and natives alike. 

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