20 January 2017

Am currently in Dc metro area. The Indigenous Women Rising March on Saturday has my attention.  There has been such recent momentum for Indigenous rights and attention given in mainstream media to strong Indigenous women raising voices, making their own media, telling their own stories.
At the beginning of January, I started to see allies eyes turning attention to DC and the inauguration and the Women's March on the 21st. This inauguration is a distraction from the main issue of our day which is staying alive and protecting life for next seven generations by protecting our remaining potable water supply.
We need water to live.
There is a lot of big money backed PR for the old companies, and Indigenous still stand strong. The 1851 Treaty Law clearly states that Standing Rock is within unceded Indigenous land.  Out of state attorneys are now able to assist in North Dakota cases.
Greg Palast has been giving updates on the rigged election.  We do not need to accept or normalize this select.
The Black lives Matter movement blocked off 7 out of 12 entrances to false inauguration of the cheato.  There were round dances last night surrounding the deplorable ball.
The Indigenous Women Rising march tomorrow morning in DC has direction link below.

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