25 January 2017

This week saw 1/2 a million women marching in solidarity in Washington DC Saturday, and Indigenous Women Rising were singing, dancing, holding space for strong hearts in prayer at the center of it all. Yesterday the selected resident of the white house signed an order to put America First, forgetting Indigenous have always been here first, and there is International Treaty Law to back up land claims.  Spontaneous presence of strong Indigenous water protectors and allies sprang up all over the nation last evening and International solidarity has been strongly felt.  The People are returning to Standing Rock. We will not back down, we stand to live.  We stand for our children.  We stand for those who died from uranium in the water.  We stand in prayer for those who lived strong lives, were buried, and dug up from their sacred resting place in violation of human decency and NAGPRA laws as well as 1851 Ft. Laramie Treaty.
We stand for the many miscarried babies who could not grow full term because of radiation in the water.  We stand for those lost to cancer. We stand for those stolen babies who died in the boarding schools. Every one of those lives were sacred, and wanted by their parents.  We stand in the face of continued Genocide.  We stand for your life.  We stand for water. Water is life.  We are Mamas, we want our children to live, and those yet unborn.

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