20 January 2017

DJ Cynthia Cherish the Luv Malaran will be spinning beats at the Women's March tomorrow in DC. This sweet animation from Deanna Katz for Author Leslie Kauffman from UFPJ organizing latest writing is is a cute reminder. On our drive down Leslie played pumped up dance hits and laughed that it is an endless playlist of all the artists in the world who refuse to play for the rejected president select.
Live, laugh and love.  Never give up, and our bodies are ours, no one has the right to assault. It is easy to grieve common sense today, although one must lift the spirits and stay strong. Some of us survived Jackson, while many made the journey home too soon.  Harriet Tubman freed herself and went back south to free more slaves. She said she could have freed more if only they knew they were slaves. 
Human Rights organizers are our most treasured, we need you now more than ever, so stay strong.

#Staywoke, y'all. 

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