30 January 2017

I had to pop some corn and watch the new administration engulfed in their own flames of ineptitude as the world continues a solid week of protesting the 45th resident select squatting in the white house- he has signed an executive order to ban Muslims from entering this stolen land.  Interesting details, the 7 countries banned have committed NO acts of terrorism in the U.S, they also have no private business ties with drumpf, nor are they yet banking with the IMF.
This does present a conflict of interest and possible constitutional crisis.
It has been an exciting week 1 for a malignant narcissist in the white house, an empty inauguration followed by a huge 1 million in the streets the following day and marches worldwide against him. There was first a request to the park service to prove that he had bigger crowds than the protest followed by a gag order on park services when they would not oblige in publishing lies. This has given us such comedic gold in twitter storm along with a wealth of climate facts unleashed by rogueNASA, AltParks, and a long growing list of scientists who refuse silence. On the other hand, the press secretary Sean Spitzer retweeted the Onion's satirical flame piece roasting him, perhaps he failed to notice: "Sean Spicer's role in the Trump administration is to provide the American public with robust and articulate misinformation." "You nailed it. PERIOD!" he retweeted, apparently incapable of reading. It could have been a cry for help or an attempt at irony, although, from the way he whiningly read of his speech notes at the top of the week, his performance seems to lean more towards incompetence.  Kelly Conway gave the cover for him that Sean Spicer offers alternative facts.

This is what happens when an illiterate reality tv star puts a gag order on the climate scientists, calls CNN fake news, has journalists arrested in streets facing ridiculously trumped up charges and puts his illiterate cronies out as his media team.  The protests signs are comedic gold. One sign held showed trumpf's approval rating 32%, rotten tomatoes rating for Paul Blart mall cop 33%.  The immigration lawyers of the NLG and ACLU are working on the ground in airports this weekend filing habeas corpus, and Standing Rock natives are leading resistance to stop fascism.  Trumpf has long expressed his dislike for Indigenous People throughout his tarnished faux gold-plated history in New York, saying years ago in a hearing "they don't look native to me"as if Indigenous nations are for him to judge. International treaty law long pre-dates trumpf's immigrant history to this country.  As he calls for a nonsensical wall to cut through Indigenous territory of Akimel O'otham and Tohono O'otham which will cost 50 billion while fixing Flint water would cost only 25 million, we get a quick glimpse into the business sense of the man who has crashed and burned so many of his own failed businesses now somehow pirating at the helm of our great nation. We would move to deport him, although his Grandfather's Germany most certainly will not take him, in fact, expelled him.  His mother's country has countless entertaining ways of stating their strong dislike for this strange man.  Since we can not immediately deport him, there has been since Day 1, at least 4 different petitions to impeach the man. The devil being in the details, it is the GOP behind him that is truly frightening. Once trumpf is impeached there will be Pence, a man whose policies are worse than trumpf's crazy talk.
Hat's off to all the lawyers, researchers and journalists waking shortly to bring us reports on the week 2 circus.  Will there be Impeachment proceedings? Civil war? This author hopes the former, and never again the latter.  It is likely to be eventful times ahead. Humanity has seen too much Genocide on constant repeat, and this week has been filled with millions resisting the ugly rise of fascism. It is past due time for humankind to learn from mistakes. Speaking of learning, a billionaire with zero education experience is ready to buy her cabinet appointment as education secretary, after she privatized the education out of Michigan. Her brother Erik Prince incidentally is the owner of the mercenary group formerly known as Blackwater, privately responsible for war crimes in Iraq.

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